Sue Matzek

​Acupuncture & Massage

​Serving the Milwaukee Area

Helping You Bring Balance to Your Life

Swedish employs smooth slow massage strokes to induce your body's relaxation response.

Trigger point  techniques are deeper and more therapeutic, focusing on specific areas of pain and/or injury.  

Cupping applies negative pressure, rather than tissue compression, for a wide array of therapeutic results.  Specific cupping techniques include stationary,  massage, dynamic and BioMagnetic.

Reflexology uses a natural body map on the bottom of your feet to stimulate an energetic response affecting your body's tissues and organs.  

Energy work involves  balancing your body's energetic systems.


Massage session frequency suggestions:

 For specific pain or injury:  

                        1-2 times per week

 For high stress:  1 time per week

 For normal stress: 1-2 times per month

More details about massage, cupping  & energy work services offered: