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More details about acupuncture & 

cupping  services offered:


The placement of fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints on your body activates your body's Qi (pronounced "chee") to promote natural healing.  Your body is then able to recuperate with it's immunity increased along with the benefit physical & emotional health improvement.  The number of treatments needed will vary from person to person.  Chronic conditions usually take longer to resolve than acute ones.  You may be asked to return for follow-up treatments 1 or 2 times per week.  Monthly visits are suggested to maintain health.  Quarterly acupuncture tune -ups work great to help your system adjust to seasonal changes.


Cupping uses glass or silicone cups to employ negative pressure for  superior results in a wide array of bodywork techniques.  The methods include stationary, massage, dynamic, BioMagnetic and Chinese cupping.  By creating suction and negative pressure, this therapy releases rigid tissue, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue, and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.